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At the Concrete Mobile AL Pros, we specialize in beautifully crafted stamped concrete that allows for endless creativity with its complex textures and hues. From patio installations and patio resurfacing to coloring and sealing, we’ve done it all for both residential and commercial properties.

We’re not your usual concrete patio contractor in Mobile, AL. We’ll closely collaborate with you to ensure that your project combines your distinct personality with our years of expertise in the cement and paving industry. With your vision and our highly trained contractors, our results often exceeds expectations. Get in touch with our talented concrete patio contractors – let’s make your patio dream a reality!

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Licensed & Insured

A licensed contractor oversees every job on site for your peace of mind. 

Specialized Concrete Artisans

Our expertise extends beyond every aspect of the job, so you’re guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction. 

Affordable Quality Services

Long-lasting, high-quality concrete services don’t have to be expensive. 

High-Quality Stamped Concrete Patios in Mobile AL

Stamped Concrete Patio Designs

Known for its versatility, stamp concrete patios can take on numerous styles and design depending on the color, pattern and texture. They’re generally categorized into specific groups:

Stone Designs

Meticulously crafted to mimic authentic stone pavers and with their thick, weathered textures, stone designs are the perfect choice for patios. They come in an extensive range of designs, including rustic textures like random stone and flagstone, as well as refined ashlar and cobble stone patterns. 

Slate Patterns

Slate patterns evoke the timeless elegance of slate pavers without constraints. Anyone can have a patio that looks like it’s made of slate minus the cost and the issue of availability, breakage, or irregular shapes. These understated yet captivating slate stamping patterns are ideal for walkways and sidewalks.

Tile Patterns

Achieve the clean consistency of professionally manufactured tile stamps while exploring unlimited color combinations. Tile patterns created through stamped concrete make unavailable designs of store-bought ceramics available. 

Wood Patterns

Stamped concrete with realistic wood grain textures is a superb option for indoor and outdoor flooring. It may look like wood, but it doesn’t inherit the material’s weakness. Wood patterns capture the beauty of wood while being remarkably resilient against wear, moisture, and damage.

Brick Patterns

When you want your patio to look like it’s made of meticulously hand-installed bricks without the high cost, stamped brick patterns are your next best option. They are available in various modern and vintage styles, including herringbone, running bond, basketweave, and fan designs. These patterns can complement nearly any aesthetic.

Seamless Textures

This texture is more subtle and grout-free, with no heavy joints. When installed properly, seamless stamped concrete creates infinitely variable, non-repeating patterns. The smoother finish is also ideal for high-traffic areas.

patio contractors Mobile AL
concrete patio Mobile, AL
patio contractors Mobile AL

Are you looking for a distinct stamp concrete design? Talk to our professional patio contractors in Mobile, AL. We’ll advise you on your best options and the best practices for laying out each type of stamped concrete design. Call today for your free, no-obligation estimate!

Decorative Concrete Patios

Concrete floors offer a beautiful, low-maintenance industrial-chic feel that’s utterly en vogue. Decorative concrete, in particular, is undergoing a renaissance. Available in a variety of patterns, unique color schemes, and polishes, your patio can be distinctively unique. What are your options?

Stamped Concrete

We use massive stamping mats and molds pressed into wet concrete create textured imprints. Depending on the pattern and mold used, stamped concrete surfaces can mimic other materials like brick and stone. It also allows for custom patterns and designs.

Concrete Stains

For rich, permanent concrete color, stains come in acid-based (warm tones) and water-based (for patterns/designs) varieties. If you want your stained concrete to have a specific design or pattern, water-based stain is the best choice. 

Colored Concrete

Turn concrete floors from drab to fab with dyes made from colored inks in solvents like alcohol or acetone. The dye penetrates and tints the concrete surface, adding color to the usual gray. 


Often applied on top of existing concrete for decorative stamping or engraving, overlays are a cost-effective way to have concrete stamped without removing old flooring. This process doesn’t require existing concrete floors to be replaced, saving customers money. Overlays can increase a floor’s function and anesthetics but not the expense. 

Polished Concrete

Polish concrete gives natural stone concrete floors a distinct characteristic using a chemical process. It’s available in a range of grades and finishes to suit different preferences. It’s best for clients who prefer to keep their stone concrete floors bare with just a hint of style. 

To determine the ideal decorative concrete for your patio, consult a local expert on concrete work in Mobile AL. Call us today for a free decorative patio installation quote!

Poured Concrete Patios

A poured concrete patio lends timeless curb appeal that never goes out of style. Even when trends change, poured concrete remains a popular choice. With brushed or smooth finishes, you get that classic look at a lower cost than other decorative options.
To get the most out of this type of patio, it’s best to work with a professional known for offering the best concrete patio Mobile AL has ever seen. We understand how the landscape and other details can impact the end result. At Concrete Mobile AL, we meticulously consider every detail, including your property’s unique topography that can significantly affects patio and walkway designs. We account for architecture, slope, flatness, and all yard characteristics.
Our precise installations right at the start of a project will save you time and money long-term. We expertly manage projects large and small – new patio construction or full replacements.
We’re happy to provide a free, no-obligation quote. Call the poured concrete pros today for a free quote!

Concrete vs Wood Decks

Concrete or wood? These two materials are the more popular choice for an outdoor room for their functionality and aesthetics. Given that the floor is the focal point of your entire outdoor living space, you must choose wisely.
While usable for similar purposes, wood and concrete decks differ vastly in construction, total cost, utility, and design flexibility. Carefully consider terrain, weight limits, budget, maintenance, versatility, longevity, and personal taste when deciding which material suits your lifestyle, landscape, and needs best.
Concrete is far more durable as a decking material. Requiring very little upkeep when installed correctly, it will endure for many years with ease. Wood is a lightweight material that’s easier to install and repair. But it requires annual or semi annual sealing or staining.
If a concrete deck is your choice for a new patio, trust Concrete Mobile. Get a free quote today, our friendly staff will assist you with your deam concrete deck.

Patio Contractors Near Me

Need an expert paving company for your stamped concrete project? Or reliable local patio contractors in Mobile, AL? Look no further than The Concrete Mobile AL Pros.
From concept to completion, our masterful attention to detail distinguishes us from the competition. Installation-wise, we thoughtfully craft patios that blend well with your home and the surrounding environment. After all, patios are an extension of your home and extend your living space from indoors to outdoors.
Contact your trusted local patio pros for your free quote!

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